We have our own internal GPS called our unconscious mind.  A GPS needs a destination. If you set an image of yourself at your ideal weight in your mind, then the unconscious mind will set in motion what is needed to get there! 
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A recent survey by Glamour magazine, reports that 97% of the women surveyed had at least one "I hate my body" moment a day.  The average was 13 of these negative self talk moments per day directed specifically at their bodies.  That is almost one negative put down for every waking hour of the day. Further, when asked to describe the types of comments they would make to themselves, many of the comments were brutal and scathing.  This is a learned habit! The beauty of the brain is that we can create new positive thought pathways.  Through repetition, new constructive thought patterns become our automatic patterns and we abandon the old pathways.  
By accessing the unconscious, we can more easily replace destructive habits and negative self talk with life affirming and liberating behaviors. 
The skinny on Diet Drinks: They make you fat...
Sugar is replaced by artificial sweeteners to reduce calories.  However, the body perceives these substances as cito-toxins.  To protect us, the body surrounds these poisons with extra fat.  
There is also strong evidence that ingesting these substances  increases our sugar cravings making it more difficult to pass up the extra doses of sugar in other foods.  
Add to this the growing body of evidence that artificial sweeteners  are linked to ...
   - headaches
   - memory problems
   - neurological problems
   - gastrointestinal problems
   & arthritis
Enjoy a nice glass of water instead!

Reset your cravings thermostat...
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Our body has no way of knowing whether a threat is real or imagined.  
  • The stress hormone, cortisol is linked to increases in appetite and cravings for carbs and sugars.
  • Stress combined with high fat and sugar leads to abdominal obesity as a neurotransmitter is released directly into fatty tissue in the abdomen.
  • Starving yourself slows your metabolism.  'The body readies itself for scarcity and more efficiently stores fat for the future.
  • Spikes and dips in your blood sugar levels causes the release of stress hormones.  Eating protein snacks keeps your body chemistry on an even keel.
  • Alcohol and nicotine restricts blood flow to the brain.
  • Caffeine suppresses the release of denosine which helps deal with stress.
  • Some diets and exercise regimens can cause stress and become counter productive.  Create positive associations with food and exercise!

Weight Loss, Diets and Stress
5 Key Elements to attaining your ideal weight...A Nu VIEW on weight loss:
  • Nutrition! Your body craves real food. If you load up on processed foods that are loaded with empty calories, then your body will continue to be "hungry" for real food with real nutrients. Eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts and watch your cravings become satisfied.
  • Visualize! Create a picture of yourself at your ideal weight. See yourself move and see and feel the difference. Focus on this internal picture. Make it brighter and clearer and really see it in your mind. Take the time to see yourself at your ideal weight several times a day, especially at night before going to sleep.
  • Inspiration! Eliminate negative self talk. Treat yourself with kindness. Rewrite your internal dialogue into positive life affirming statements. Inspire yourself to eat more consciously. Delight in each morsel. Chew slowly and completely. Use all of your senses to smell the aromas, notice the textures, hear the sounds. Get fully immersed in the joy of eating. When you are distracted, as in eating in front of the TV, you miss the pleasure of eating and you tend to eat more. Staying conscious also helps you sense when you are full!
  • Exercise! Our bodies were designed to move. Take breaks to stretch and move around throughout the day. Walk more! Exercise burns fat, reduces stress and releases endorphins that lift your spirits. Create positive associations with movement and exercise. Remember to breathe. Taking deep breaths from time to time will activate the parasympathetic nervous system relaxing you.
  • Water! Drink plenty of water. Often when we feel hungry it is because we are dehydrated. Drink water and if still hungry then eat. Water helps decrease inflammation in the body and flushes out toxins. Make water the main drink in your life!