"I continue to be amazed at the relatively short time it takes for a person to gain control and achieve success through the use of hypnosis."
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Biography for Dennis Marciniak, C.Ht.

Dennis is originally from Milwaukee and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  He later attended Pepperdine University as part of the MBA program. He worked in social services for 16 years, first with troubled youth and then as an administrator and instructor for an educational foundation.  He has had the opportunity to travel extensively and speak publicly in venues of all sizes.  He has been in the commercial real estate industry for the last 37 years, assisting businesses of all types with their real estate needs.  Dennis has also had great success and enjoyment coaching youth baseball and basketball.  The highlight was helping coach his son's 12 yr. old all star team to the Pony League World Championship over Taiwan in 2002.

Dennis has had a lifelong interest in personal growth and achieving excellence.  This was in part fueled by experiences on the athletic fields where he sometimes experienced time slowing down as he ran underneath and caught a pass or viewed himself shooting a basket from a place above and outside of himself.  These times were magical.  Everything came effortlessly and it was as if he was a witness as much as the performer.  He was in the "zone."

In 1972, after a serendipitous search, Dennis was shown a way to deeply connect within, through meditation.  This has had a transformational impact on his approach to life.  That inner connection continues to be at the core of his life experience.  Later, due to personal trauma, he pursued and encountered experiences with "energy psychology" techniques such as EMDR, NET and EFT which lead to his introduction to and fascination with hypnosis and NLP.  His experiences with hypnosis and NLP greatly helped Dennis to process and redefine experiences that now were no longer an emotional weight holding him back.  It also served as the impetus for his new career as a hypnotherapist. 

Dennis graduated with honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy.  He is now a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified NLP Practitioner.  He is also trained in the use of EFT.  He is deeply humbled by the opportunity to assist others in their pursuit of positive change in their lives.
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In the traditional meditation position, one sits cross legged and places the index fingers and thumbs together and rests one's hands on one's knees.  The index finger symbolizes the mind and the other three fingers worldly pleasures.  The thumb symbolizes God.  The finger position thus represents the goal of meditation.... to take your attention away from worldly things and place it on God.  
Rather than stopping thoughts, one places one's attention on something more alluring and compelling within oneself. Thoughts may be there but we have turned our attention to something else. We become aligned and attuned to our essence which is vibrating within.  We become anchored in the "now".  We are not only conscious, but conscious of and connected to our source.  The drop returns to the ocean.  It is where clarity resides.  When the light is present, darkness is nowhere to be found.

Hypnosis works on a different level, the level of the mind.  When our conscious mind becomes overloaded and/or overwhelmed, we escape into our unconscious mind.  Our unconscious holds all of our life programming created by our life experiences which in turn create automatic behaviors in response to certain stimuli.  Some of the programming is positive and is constructive.  However, sometimes those automatic behaviors or responses can be contrary to our goals and thus sabotage them. By accessing our unconscious, we can replace negative or limiting beliefs, statements, feelings and behaviors with positive, life affirming and constructive ones.  We can then move forward in our life in a more productive and satisfying way.